Joe Biden Claims Economy Is Strong


    “Our economy is strong as hell — the internals of it,” Biden told reporters during an ice cream stop at Baskin-Robbins in Portland.

    The president expressed his optimism regarding the economy when eating his ice cream cone, despite the pounding of inflation, rising gas prices and a recession.

    Biden acknowledged that there were inflationary pressures, however, he erroneously said that it was more across the globe.

    “Inflation is worldwide,” the economist said. “It's worse off everywhere else than it is in the United States.”

    A Pew Research Center study in June revealed that the rate of inflation in the United States is worse than in many other major nations around the globe including Germany, Canada, France, Mexico, and China.

    If asked if Biden was worried regarding the value of the dollar, Biden was also dismissive.

    “I'm not worried about the currency's strength. I'm worried about the other countries,” He said. “Does that make sense?”

    He blamed other nations for not having the right economic policies to boost their economies.

    “The problem is the lack of economic growth and sound policy in other countries, not so much ours,” he added. “And that's having, it's worldwide inflation, and it's consequential.”

    Biden visited Portland, Oregon to campaign with Tina Kotek, a Democrat running for governor. Kotek is at risk of losing to an incumbent Republican.

    “I think she's going to win,” Biden declared to reporters after being inquired about her race. “I truly believe that. I believe people are going to be there and cast their ballots.”


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