Joe Biden: Every Time I Hear ‘Hail to the Chief’ I’m Wondering, “Where is He?”


    “Every time I hear ‘Hail to the Chief,' I wonder, where the hell is he?” Biden stated when he started speaking to members of Congress during this year's White House Congressional Picnic.

    Biden continued to clarify in his statement that he was not joking.

    “You think I'm joking, I'm not,” he continued, laughing. “[II] look around and ask, ‘Where is the President?'”

    Biden continued to speak in a nostalgic tone by recalling the times he would sit in the Senate dining room along with fellow senators.

    “I wish we were able to do more of this so that you all got to know one another well,” he said.

    Biden said Republicans and Democrats did not get along with each other because they didn't spend enough time in social situations.

    “John McCain was one of my closest friends. Even though John McCain and I were like brothers who would go at each other with hammer and tong, but when it was over in the debate, we knew each other,” he said.

    Biden declared that he would like Democrats and Republicans to have more conversations with each other.

    “My point is, I hope that we do more of these kinds of events so you get to know your families, get to know each other's families, get to know your spouses, your kids, get to know one another in ways that are more personal,” he said.


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