Joe Biden Falsely Says Gas was More Than $5 Per Gallon When he Became President


    On Thursday, President Joe Biden declared that the cost of gasoline was priced at more than $5 per gallon when he assumed office at the beginning of January in 2021.

    “Today the most common price of gas in America is $3.39, down from over five dollars when I took office,” Biden boasted.

    Gas was just $2.39 per gallon at the time Biden became president. Biden was probably saying this in reference to the price of gas reaching $5 per gallon during summer months, but he messed up his timetable.

    The president made remarks about gas prices at the event held that took place in Syracuse, New York, to promote a promise of Micron Technology to invest in semiconductor manufacturing.

    Biden also claimed that the economic outlook was looking better.

    “Inflation is down, real incomes are up, and the price of gas is down,” he added.

    It's not clear the exact numbers Biden was talking about. Inflation is up 8.2 percent from the previous year, and real wages have dropped 17 months consecutively.

    However, Biden insists that he is making things easier for Americans.

    “When I took office, the economy was in ruins,” he said.


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