Joe Biden on Hot Mic Caught Claiming He Spent Time in Ukraine


    The White House refuses to comment or offer any clarification on Biden's comments to an El Paso Salvation Army official in El Paso over the weekend. He said he spent time with Secret Service personnel in Poland and Ukraine.

    The White House did not respond to Breitbart News's request to comment on what Biden was referring to.

    A hot mic moment discovered by the RNC's research team has revealed that Biden said to the Salvation Army official that he was a member of the Secret Service in Poland and Ukraine.

    Biden, who was at the El Paso County Migrant Services Center on Sunday, talked to an official from the Salvation Army during his visit to the center. The video captures Biden approaching the official and reiterating that Biden and members of the Secret Service visited Poland and Ukraine.

    “I spent some time with the Secret Service in Poland and in Ukraine,” Biden stated. The president's comments were unintelligible.

    It's not entirely certain the exact nature of what Biden was talking about or the reason Biden would talk to a Salvation Army official about his travels abroad with members of the Secret Service. Based on the Hill, Biden had previously examined the southern wall that separates the United States from Juarez, Mexico:

    “On March 1, Biden visited Poland to visit the 82nd Airborne Division just after the Ukrainian war started. He didn't visit Ukraine in 2022 in spite of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky's requests.”

    Biden's relationship with Ukraine is long. As per The Los Angeles Times, then-Vice President Joe Biden went to Ukraine to give a farewell speech in 2017 , just four days before former president Donald Trump assumed the Oval Office. This was Biden's sixth trip in the span of seven years.

    In 2017, Hunter Biden was paid $83,000 per month to sit as a director of Burisma, the Ukrainian firm that produces energy. This is the year in which Hunter's compensation was cut in half.

    Hunter was appointed as a director of Burisma in the year 2014. Hunter had no previous knowledge of the energy industry or Ukraine.

    Hunter made huge sums of cash from Ukraine for which Hunter “offered no real work,” Breitbart News's top writer Peter Schweizer stated.

    In 2015, Joe Biden threatened to take $1 billion from Ukraine in the event that the Ukrainian government would not remove the prosecutor in charge of conducting an investigation into Burisma.

    In the years 2018 and In 2020, Schweizer published Secret Empires and Profiles in Corruption. The two books each reached the top spot in the New York Times bestseller list and detailed the ways in which Hunter as well as his dad traveled to China on Air Force Two in 2013 before Hunter's firm signed the $1.5 billion agreement with an affiliate to China's Chinese state's Bank of China, which was signed just two weeks following the trip. The work of Schweizer also revealed some of the Biden family's other massive and lucrative foreign transactions and nepotism.

    Breitbart Political Editor Emma-Jo Morris's investigation in The New York Post regarding the Hunter Biden “laptop from hell” was also the subject of international media attention as she, along with Miranda Devine, revealed that Joe Biden was a key player in the business of Hunter Biden, and appeared to even own a 10 percent stake in the company that his son formed along with top officials at the highest level within the Chinese Communist Party.


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