Joe Biden Rides His Bike and Refuses to Answer Reporter Questions


    The president, dressed in shorts and a polo shirt, rode along the beach, stopping to have a chat with children and families and to snap selfies with supporters.

    Biden was in the company of Secret Service agents who rode bicycles around him while he pedaled along the sand.

    While he was in front of cameras, he didn't stop to answer questions.

    When reporters wanted to know if he would speak to them, he said, “No.”

    “Gotta go get your bathing suits,” he said while he was riding through the streets, probably talking to reporters.

    He said he was taking some time off, but was “on the phone a lot.”

    The president has been unable to answer questions from reporters for a number of days and hasn't responded publicly in response to the FBI raid on the home of former President Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago.

    The White House repeatedly insists the president was unaware of the raid, and only was informed about it via the news, as all other Americans were.

    Biden is planning to extend his stay on Kiawah Island this week, before returning to the White House next week. 


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