John Fetterman Barely Understandable in Speech


    Similar to previous mistakes, Fetterman again confused Washington D.C. and New Jersey as he concluded his speech by calling for people in the state to elect him as their representative to Washington D.C.

    “Eliminate the filibuster, get things done,” the politician tried to say.

    After an awkward pause during which he appeared disorientated, Fetterman then said, “Send us back to New Jersey. Send me to D.C. for you.”

    Some of the audience could be heard laughing about the way he spoke of New Jersey.

    The speech comes as the Fetterman campaign has been unable to reveal information about his recent cognitive test, which seemed to have decreased following his stroke earlier in the year. Breitbart News reported:

    A story in the Inquirer provides that Fetterman's campaign has claimed that its candidate for United States Senate in Pennsylvania has passed a cognitive test and the results appear to indicate that his brain functions normal for an adult who is his age.

    The Philadelphia Inquirer did not, however, receive any proof of the results of the cognitive test. They also did not notify the media who conducted and scored the test.

    The article states how the Fetterman campaign “did not provide any documentation of the results, or make available to the media the speech therapist who administered the tests.” The cognitive test that was conducted by the Democrat candidate came after he was struck by a stroke in the month of May.

    After defying a debate request by his opponent, for several weeks, Fetterman finally agreed to engage in a debate with Dr. Mehmet Oz on the 25th of October, after his poll numbers began to decline while liberal analysts warned that his denial could end up costing him what appeared to be a sure win.

    This week, the Fetterman campaign announced the campaign as a “wake-up call” after learning that the Oz campaign was spending more than they have in TV advertisements.

    “I am writing with a wake-up call,” Fetterman campaign manager Brendan McPhillips wrote. “In the last three weeks alone, Republicans have spent nearly $12 million dollars — significantly outspending us and out-communicating on the airwaves. We cannot allow this to continue unabated.”


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