John Fetterman’s Adviser Confesses Senator Cannot Respond to Questions as Legislators Normally Do


    A senior adviser to Pennsylvania Senator-elect John Fetterman (D) has already admitted that the senator will not be able to answer questions the way legislators usually do due to health-related issues.

    Rebecca Katz, a longtime Fetterman adviser, stated that she had “two things we need to get out of the way” about the senator-elect while responding to a tweet by a reporter declaring that Fetterman didn't respond to a question asked on Tuesday as to whether or not he would wear the hoodie he wears as his usual campaigning attire when he is on the Senate floor.

    “John Fetterman has a suit and will wear it to the Capitol,” she tweeted, admitting, “He is still recovering from a stroke and has lingering auditory processing challenges. The way Hill reporters are used to yelling questions at Senators will not work here.”

    Fetterman’s stroke was a major factor in the outcome of the Senate race in Pennsylvania, which ended up going against Republican Mehmet Oz, the Trump-hailed retired cardiothoracic surgeon and former television-show host.

    While campaigning, Republicans, including his opponent, criticized his health condition and inability to perform during the campaign, with his slow responses and his need to use closed captioning for his debate with Oz and a one-on-one interview with NBC News anchor Dasha Burns.

    During a debate, Fetterman refused to commit to releasing his complete medical records following the stroke. He evaded the question. After being asked two times whether he would share his medical records, Fetterman stated, “My doctor believes that I'm fit to be serving, and that's what I believe is where I'm standing.”

    Also, during the week leading up to the elections, Fetterman stated in an interview with CBS News that he had released “more kinds of medical evaluation … than virtually anyone, unless you're running for president.”


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