John Hinckley, Attempted Reagan Assassin, To Play NYC Concert


    “Big news!! I will be performing on July 8 at the Market Hotel in Brooklyn, NY. Get your tickets while you can,” Hinckley wrote on what appears to be his official social media profile.

    A few of his followers requested details on his show and one of them stated that that he'd tell all his friends about the show.

    “The show was confirmed in a post on the hotel's Instagram Stories. A link on the ticket site Venue Pilot offers a ticket price … $20 for the 8 p.m. show,” the Post article said.

    The 30th of March, 1981, President Ronald Reagan was shot in Washington, D.C. by Hinckley, reported:

    The president was just at the labor meeting held at the Washington Hilton Hotel and was walking with his entourage to the limousine when Hinckley, standing in front of reporters, fired seven shots towards the President, hitting Reagan as well as three associates.

    The president was struck in the left lung and it appears that the .22 caliber bullet was just a few inches from his heart. It was an amazing feat for a man of 70 suffering from a collapsed lung that he was able to walk into George Washington University Hospital under his own strength.

    Reagan was hospitalized for several hours before being declared stable.

    “The next day, the president resumed some of his executive duties and signed a piece of legislation from his hospital bed,” the website added.

    Video footage revealed the chaos that ensued when Reagan was shot and as the gunfire began to ring, Secret Service personnel scrambled to shield the president and people on the scene fled for cover.

    Hinckley was found to be not guilty due to mental illness and spent over three years in a psychiatric facility.

    “In 2016, Hinckley moved in with his mother in Virginia and, two years later, left to live on his own,” the Washington Post report concluded.


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