John McEntee Says Political Appointees Weak


    McEntee stated that most of Trump's nominees were in line to the 45th president's ideas but were not able to resist being targeted by hostile news and political media groups.

    “For the most part, the three or four thousand political appointees, most were pro-Trump,” He declared during SiriusXM's Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow. “The issue wasn't the fact that they were in opposition to Trump. The main issue is that they're not NPCs aren't they? They're non-player characters. Many of them simply want to improve their resumes, offer West Wing tours, go to the White House Christmas party. They're actually in fact, pro-Trump, but this is only superficial.”

    He continued, “So, when the game is in the balance and it's the time to prohibit diversification training, the people smack. That's why they're a problem.”

    The former White House official said political appointees tend to focus on their career ambitions within D.C.'s dominating left-wing political climate. They “cuck” in the face of intimidation tactics by leftists in order to ensure their future success in the national political arena.

    “The problem is, a lot of people are in these [political D.C.] circles, and then, when the game's on the line, they cuck,” McEntee said. “A lot of [political appointees] are just going through the motions, rather than actively undermining an agenda,” McEntee said. “They're simply trying to be a good sport. They're doing whatever the civil service tells them to do.”

    He continued, “The bigger problem is making sure people are actually active when they're pro-Trump and actually want to do the agenda part, instead of just the resume-I-got-to-get-a-White-House-souvenir part.”

    McEntee advised the political recruitment of “strong-willed” talent from outside of Washington, DC, among those with no long-term plans to gain acclaim from those in the upper class. 

    “I think people just need to know — which they probably do going in — what they're in for,” the man said. “The kind of people who will be required to be admitted might need older ages. They may have to be single. … This is an extremely difficult atmosphere … When you can get new blood coming from out D.C., that will be less of a problem.”

    He concluded “Changes are possible. It is possible to make changes. It's just a matter of finding the appropriate people.”


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