John Nolte: Fake ABC Poll on “Don’t Say Gay” Bill Debunked by a New Media Poll


    The poll looked absurd on the face of it. It was absurd to think that almost two-thirds (or more) of Americans would be comfortable with teachers engaging in sex with prepubescent children or confusing subcultures, such as bisexuality and homosexuality, and switching genders.

    This poll was a hoax. It was rigged to make those who oppose such madness believe they are outnumbered. The media has played this corrupt polling game for many decades. The public is now more aware of the corruption, but that's still not enough.

    This statement is not made lightly. Hot Air's Ed Morrissey looked deep inside Hot Air and took out ABC’s rat.

    How did the panel over-sample LGBTQ respondents in the first place? This is not a population that is often oversampled in polls. Is it possible that it was a random coincidence that ABC News/Ipsos oversampled the community for a polling question directly related to them?

    Given the small sample size of a national poll (622 adults and not all registered voters), it seems that the pollster concentrated on areas where there would be a higher-than-usual number of LGBTQ respondents. If the calls were made mostly in urban areas, and perhaps especially in urban areas known for more robust LGBTQ cultures, then it would explain not only the oversample but also the results from non-LGBTQ-identifying adult respondents.

    Hoax, hoax, hoax, hoax, hoax…. Get into the New Media.

    The Daily Wire just published a poll showing that 64 percent support the Florida bill banning classroom instruction on sexual orientation in grades K-3, including any level if not presented in an age- or developmentally appropriate manner.

    My favorite part is that only 21 percent of people oppose the ban.

    In Florida, specifically–and this is not surprising–62 percent of Democrats support the ban, 63 percent of black respondents also supported the ban, and 66 percent of Hispanics supported the ban.

    “Do you think it's appropriate or inappropriate for teachers to teach children in kindergarten through third grade about different sexual orientations?” the poll asked. Nearly two-thirds of respondents (65 percent) said no, with 69 percent of parents agreeing.

    “Do you think it appropriate or inappropriate for teachers to teach children in kindergarten through third grade about gender identities such as transgenderism?” Two-thirds of respondents (66 percent) said no, with 69 percent of parents agreeing.

    The poll revealed that 52 percent of survey respondents believed parents should have the right to bring civil action against school districts if they taught their children about inappropriate topics. Hell, yes. These sickos should be buried.

    This is, in a way, a win for America’s perverts. This garbage should never be taught before college. Parents, and only parents, should have responsibility for such matters until kids become adults. This is particularly true for government-run schools, which can't teach children to read.

    This illustrates the importance and value of alternative media, which does its own reporting.

    You can see how fast the culture has changed. The extremist left doesn't hide their desire to sexualize young children. Remember what we were told? Gays want to marry! Is there anything wrong with that?

    Do you remember when we were called alarmists for warning of a slippery slope?

    We are now in a world of Drag Queen Story Hours and mentally ill men sharing a locker with our daughters.


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