Johnson Worried January 6 Committee May Have Overreached


    Johnson, who was a member of the Obama administration, described the committee's hearings the “profile in courage among women” and he praised the hearing as being “choreographed exceptionally well for the attention span of the average American in 2022.”

    But, he said, “I'm concerned as the former federal prosecutor in me – that gets you a lot of cred these days on television – I'm concerned that the committee may have overreached on the incident in the vehicle.”

    Johnson was referring to the former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson's testimony, wherein she recounted an incident claiming that Trump attempted to take control of the steering wheel in the vehicle which he was riding in, and then lunged at the Secret Service agent in an attempt to join his supporters in the Capitol on the 6th of January, 2021.

    Johnson told of the incident: “It was colorful, it was vivid, it was collateral to the central charge…and it was secondhand hearsay.”

    Trump's own words have denied this tale following Hutchinson's testimony was made public, several media outlets of the establishment said that the former White House Deputy Chief of Staff and Secret Service agent Tony Ornato claimed that the story never happened and is willing to testify in that regard.

    Johnson stated that he would've visited the source to confirm it prior to making the story the news.

    “The committee may have an idea that we do not know. However, before I come out with second-hand evidence that will receive a lot of scrutiny, I'd like to hear what the first-hand witness has to say.” the witness said.

    “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd added that Hutchinson's version of the tale was a “third-hand account.”

    “I believe when she first shared the story with us, it was technically correct, and we're now in the third version. It's a third party account,” he said.

    “It is dependent on the way you interpret hearsay. However, as you can imagine, the testimony wouldn't be admissible in a courtroom.” Johnson added.

    “And as you're aware secret service agents don't typically discuss the things they see or the things they hear from their guardians. I was under protection by the Secret Service for three years. They must be able to observe and listen to various sensitive items,” he said, in a further skewed view of Hutchinson's testimony.


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