Jon Voight Suggests ‘Safe Testing’ for Gun Owners


    On May 28th, 2022, just four days after the horrible incident at Uvalde's Robb Elementary School, Voight posted a video on Twitter and said:

    It's not about right or left, guns, no guns, it's about brains that are malfunctioning, it's mental. This isn't about healthy human beings who serve the nation with weapons to carry, or the right under this constitution to bear arms. It is a right to utilize arms for a legitimate purpose for security reasons and we should not let mental illness hinder our ability to use arms.

    Voight later spoke about the victims who were killed by the gunman, declaring “These innocent souls…are children of God. I must remind us all that God will take home these angels.”

    The Oscar-winning actor posted another video in which he stated, “We must identify every individual for their credentials for their mental capacity to bear arms. There should be proper qualifications for gun ownership, and proper testing. One should only own a gun if they're qualified and schooled.”

    News reported it was the case that the Uvalde gunman purchased his weapons legally.

    The Houston Chronicle observed that the Robb Elementary School shooting suspect “legally purchased two rifles in the days following his 18th birthday, authorities said.”

    Los Angeles Times legal affairs columnist Harry Litman pointed out, “[The] shooter bought the two assault rifles from a FFL on his recent 18th birthday.”


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