Joy Reid Says Republicans Upset Because Their Facism Was Called Out by Biden


    MSNBC host Joy Reid said Monday on her show “The ReidOut” that Republicans are furious over the way the president Joe Biden “named” their fascism.

    Reid stated, “The former president was also in the Keystone state over the weekend of the holiday in support of the rally in support of the state's MAGA Republican Governor candidate, Doug Mastriano, and Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz. Trump was all fascist, describing the FBI as evil thugs in spite of recent attempts by his supporters to denigrate federal law enforcement agencies and declaring President Biden as a threat to the state. Trump made the comments in the course of his Philadelphia speech, which was the most controversial speech ever made in the history of an American president. It's pretty rich for Donald Trump.”

    She continued, “You have had Adam Kinzinger criticizing direct attacks against the FBI in the past, and a MAGA fan walked inside an FBI office, and was armed. There have been threats. FBI agents are threatened. Therefore, you've got threats from the police. There was an insurrection in the form of a brutal attack at the Capitol where they assaulted law enforcement officers, and caused five deaths. There are demands that procreation happen through the whims of the state, which is basically a mandated state birth. You are averse to immigration and a cult of personality. If you search for “Fascism” on the internet, you're likely to see all the above. That's why I'm not sure what republicans are so angry about beyond the fact that it's called “fascism.”


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