Just the Beginning: House Judiciary Committee Republicans Set Sights on DHS Secretary Mayorkas as Part of Border Investigation


    Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee have begun laying out their investigation plans for the coming year after gaining the House majority. Their plans include interrogating nearly 12 people from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

    The Republicans, which include ranking representative Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), issued a notice today for DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas requesting “prompt testimony” from him and 10 others who play important roles in immigration and cybersecurity.

    The Republicans have stated in their notice that they “anticipate requiring testimony” early next year from individuals working in the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Customs and Border Protection (CBP), and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA): Alejandro Mayorkas, DHS Secretary; Ur Jaddou, USCIS; Tae Johnson, ICE; Kerry E. Doyle, ICE; Blas Nunez-Neto, CBP; Chief Raul L. Ortiz, CBP; Jennifer Daskal, Office of the General Counsel; Adam Hunter, Office of Strategy, Policy, and Plan; Jen Easterly, CISA; Geoff Hale, CISA; and Julia Treanor, CISA.

    The testimonies will be heard during hearings or in interview transcripts that Republicans will have the power to organize once they have taken over the committee in January. Jordan is likely to be the committee's chairman.

    Mayorkas is now one of the Republicans’ most-wanted targets due to illegal immigration at the southern border that is growing to record numbers under his direction. The Judiciary Committee Republicans sent Mayorkas a letter in October, asking for documents regarding his management of the border, citing federal data that indicated 3.6 million encounters with illegal migrants were reported since the time President Joe Biden took office.

    Mayorkas, as they noted at the time, displayed “callous disregard for the safety and security of our southern border” and a “willful failure to enforce U.S. immigration law.”

    In Friday’s letter, they stated that they “may be forced to resort to compulsory process to obtain” the documents requested in the event that Mayorkas failed to supply them prior to the end of January.

    Other DHS employees who are on the Republicans’ hit list include Ur Jaddou, the director of USCIS, and Tae Johnson, the acting director of ICE.



    Jaddou was appointed by Biden and was confirmed to her post in 2012 despite strong protests from Republicans. It was the Center for Immigration Studies, a pro-border control group, that warned at the time Jaddou was appointed that she'd make “expansive use of parole and deferred action authority to give work permits and protection from removal to large categories of illegal aliens.” Tae Johnson, meanwhile, runs an agency that Biden effectively shut down during his time in office, which resulted in ICE deportation figures dramatically dropping.

    The people on the CISA list are working on questions related to elections and education.

    The letter addressed to the DHS is being sent just as House Republicans are beginning to transition into the majority party. This will be the first time in the past four years that they control the committees and investigations as well as the power to subpoena.

    The letter is the beginning of the process of rolling out priority investigations that the Judiciary Committee has in store following the midterm elections. In addition to the DHS, Jordan has made clear that his committee plans to investigate numerous accusations that suggest “politicization” within the Justice Department and the FBI. Jordan announced plans to look into the FBI's handling of data regarding Hunter Biden and has warned about upcoming Justice Department investigations in the next few months.


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