Kanye Attacks Family of George Floyd’s Daughter for Bringing Lawsuit


    In a later deleted Instagram posting, West called out Roxie Washington specifically for her lawsuit for $25 million in damages against him, alleging she was retraumatized by him when he stated in the Drink Champs show that George Floyd died of a Fentanyl overdose, not Derek Chauvin's knee on his back.

    “Roxie Washington's lawyers allege West's comments constitute ‘harassment, misappropriation, defamation, and infliction of emotional distress,' according to a letter obtained by Yahoo Entertainment,” Breitbart News reported.

    “It remains unclear how West's remarks are defamatory since the dead cannot be defamed under the law.”

    In his blog post, Kanye recalled how he gave $2 million to George Floyd's daughter at the peak of the BLM protests in the year 2020.

    “I have donated $2 million out of my pockets to the family. To assist George's daughter. It's your daughter!” he said. What was the amount BLM provided? Many of them gave phrases. I spoke.”


    Kanye later stated that Roxie Washington has plans to sue him while the singer goes through “economic lynching, a digital lynching, and a social credit score bankrupting” in the aftermath of his business being destroyed due to his antisemitic remarks, which the man has not acknowledged and has continued to stress.

    West said about Roxie Washington:

    “You're either being controlled, or you're a greedy person. But You better get you some business…”

    “This is the way you test to help someone in your family? You'll never earn cash from anyone or anyone else.GOD don't like ugly…”

    To The Floyd family, West said:

    “I apologize to you as well as all the people of black heritage for the remarks about Drink Champs. Humbly… Now, come take Roxie before she ruins your money. It is said that the Bible refers to its umbilical cord…Stay Connected.”

    Last week, Kanye issued this apology to the family of George Floyd, saying he is now aware of what it feels like to have someone kneel on his neck. 

    “So I said that, and also questioned whether or not it was the murder of George Floyd, it hurt my people. It affected those who are Black people. Therefore, I would like to apologize [inaudible] since God showed me through the actions Adidas is doing, and also by that which the media has done. I've felt the pain of putting a knee on my neck,” he said.

    “So thank God for bringing me to tears. Thank God for humbled me and telling me what it was like. Since how can the wealthiest Black person ever feel humbled if not to be told that he will never be a billionaire right in the eyes of all people because of one line,” he added.


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