Kanye West Goes on Antisemitic Rant


    In his recent appearance on the Revolt Television's Drinks Champs podcast, hosted by rapper Noreaga, N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN, West expressed his frustration with the “Jewish media” that he says has silenced the rapper from speaking up.

    “Could you actually run this interview? Because Mav did not run my interview. So you are aware of what I'm talking about? They shut me out. The Jewish media shut me out. It's a shite, isn't it? I'm lit, right? I'm lit. JP Morgan — I invested $140 million with JP Morgan, and they have treated me like shit. If JP Morgan Chase is treating me that way, how are they treating others like you?” he asked.

    As Breitbart News revealed this week, J.P. Morgan Chase cut ties with the rapper Kanye West shortly before he released his antisemitic tweets, in which he declared he would go to “death con [sic] 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE.” According to the Daily Mail, Kanye West was informed in September -just prior to the “White Lives Matter” moment, that due to his antisemitism, J.P. Morgan would be breaking ties with the company. The letter was written following an interview he did with CNBC in which he admittedly thought about moving his business somewhere else.

    “I'm moving my money over from J.P. Morgan over to Bank of America, possibly, because I go and move $140 million over to J.P. Morgan and [CEO] Jamie Dimon never calls me,” West told me.

    “I discovered that Jing Ulrich is one of the chief executives at Adidas and also one of the directors of the board for J.P. Morgan, and they treat me with respect at Adidas. It does not matter how much you transfer to J.P. Morgan,” he added.

    In a separate segment in his conversation with Revolt TV, West perpetuated other antisemitic ploys and suggested that “Jewish people control the black voice.”

    “Jewish people have been the voice of black people. We can do this by wearing a Ralph Lauren shirt, or it's us all being signed to a label, or having an Jewish director, associated with the Jewish basketball squad, or even making a film on the Jewish platform such as Disney,” he said.

    “I appreciate what the Jewish citizens have accomplished and how they have brought their communities together. They got their funds through lawyers. Following Wall Street, when all of the Catholics would not divorce anyone, so when the Jewish people who came in were willing to divorce others and that's how they got into their own money,” he added.

    West also reiterated the sentiments held with people of the Black Hebrew Israelites claiming that black people are “darker Jews” and that they belong to the tribes that have been lost in Israel.

    “We're Jewish also. We're from Africa too. The blood we shed is that of Christ. We're not only black,” he added.

    West employed this rhetoric as an excuse to avoid accusations of antisemitism.

    “The funny thing is that I'm not antisemitic since black people are Jew as well. They've played with me and attempted to intimidate any person who opposes your views,” he said.


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