Kanye West is Banned from Grammys for ‘Concerning Online Behavior’


    A representative of West quoted a recent report by the Blast, in which West's team received a call late Friday night to inform him that the rapper had been “unfortunately” removed from the list of performers at the event because of the rapper's “concerning online behavior.”

    “This is confirmed,” the rep told Variety. The Blast report further notes that “Our sources say Kanye's team isn't surprised by the decision.”

    The group is likely not surprised because of West's conduct on social media in the past few months, where the rapper has been criticizing Kim Kardashian's new partner, comedian and Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson as well as other celebrities.

    The month before, West took to social media to criticize “dickhead” Davidson for getting tattoos that depicted Hillary Clinton, proclaiming, “LOOK AT THIS DICKHEAD I WONDER IF INSTAGRAM GONNA SHUT DOWN MY PAGE FOR DISSING HILARY CLINTON'S EX-BOYFRIEND.”

    This month, West took his battle with his former wife and Davidson to a new level after the release of his music video in which West killed an identical claymation character to The Saturday Night Live star.

    As per The Blast, sources say the decision to exclude West was taken partly because of Daily Show host Trevor Noah hosting this year's Grammys, which has caused some concerns about how the male performers will interact on stage.

    This past Thursday, Instagram suspended West for 24 hours following his use of a racial slur to Noah for his critique of the way West treated Kardashian, as well as Davidson.

    On Saturday, the rapper The Game — who worked with West on a recent single and music video featuring Davidson, said in an Instagram post, “Time & time again they show us that they only want to STEAL the culture, not allow you to ever be their equals.”

    “In a more than obvious move for reasons of minuscule actions …. The Grammys have at the last minute decided to pull [Kanye West] from performing at the show. As if we didn't know it was coming,” the rapper said.

    The post continued:

    “It could be because [Trevor Noah] is hosting the show the show and there has been a discussion with his team and the academy which led to the decision, or perhaps since Ye's account was shut down within the past few days due to reasons we don't know, particularly in an environment where the ugliness of the world are displayed on the same application without repercussions or suspensions. …. We'll declare it's all of the above, and an ongoing disregard for us and everything we've contributed to sports, entertainment and media in the past 100 years in particular.”


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