Karen Bass Expands Lead in LA Mayor Race


    Democratic Party favorite Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA) has extended her lead to over four percent in the race to be Los Angeles mayor over billionaire developer Rick Caruso (D) as the ballot count continues.

    Like in the race for the nomination, Caruso jumped out to an early lead during Election Night, which slowly faded as ballots sent by mail were recorded. This is because the Democratic Party machine, which is a major supporter of Bass, excels at sending out ballots by mail.

    As of Monday afternoon, with more than two-thirds of the votes counted, as per The Los Angeles Times, Bass holds 52.2 percent of the vote and Caruso has 47.8 percent. In simple terms, it's a growing advantage of 29,000 votes for Bass.

    Other candidates from the left also gained votes after votes by mail were recorded. Every ballot is counted when they have been postmarked by Election Day and are received by the county officials within seven days of that date.

    Caruso has a vastly higher spending capacity than Bass and tapped $100 million from his own fortune to fund a massive television advertisement that helped him raise his profile and polling numbers. It's not clear if it has been enough.

    Bass campaigned on the issue of abortion, an issue which does not have anything to do with municipal government as well as the notion her candidacy was that of the sole true Democrat on the ballot. Caruso was previously a Republican and only enrolled as a Democrat in the current election.

    Caruso was hoping to tap into the anger of the people over the city's inability to tackle the issue of rising homeless and crime. Bass didn't offer any solutions, but she expressed sympathy for angry voters. She herself was the victim of an armed burglary last year.

    Bass has also overcome doubts regarding her connections to an alleged corruption scandal within her school, the University of Southern California, that awarded her a scholarship of $95,000 while she was an elected member of Congress which she did not submit her report in time.


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