Karen Bass Says Sense of Security in LA has Plummeted


    The billionaire property developer Rick Caruso, who finished in second place behind Bass during the primaries election, replied: “You're worried about your children attending school. I don't want an ‘5' on my child and tell him, ‘Well there's a 50/50 probability that you'll make it.’”

    Crime is among the most important issues of this election, as is homelessness. However, Bass like many Democrats, has taken advantage of abortion as a way to entice voters to vote against Caruso who was an ex- Republican who made donations Pro-life politicians in previous elections.

    This month, Bass has been the subject of home burglary, in which two guns were taken. Bass stated to the local Fox channel KTV-11 “that her guns were registered, locked in a safe box, and stashed away in a closet” at the time they were taken.

    In this debate, Caruso stated that the mayor at the time, Eric Garcetti, had ” defunded” the police by $150 million. Bass was the first opponent of the “defund the police” slogan and believes in expanding police department size.

    The two candidates fought over their policies on homelessness as well as an ongoing bribery investigation in the University of Southern California, in which Bass, who isn't accused of bribery, received a $95,000 scholarship, which she disclosed to Congress.


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