Kathy Griffin says she Loves Dave Chappelle, a “Transphobic.”


    Kathy Griffin spoke out about the controversy surrounding Dave Chappelle in a recent interview with The New York Times podcast, “Sway.”

    Griffin said that, “Griffin loves Dave and thinks he's brilliant.” Griffin said, however, that “he is transphobic.”

    She said, “I think Dave is just a transphobic guy. I don't believe Dave is trans-bashing. I don't believe Dave is doing any harm to gays.”

    Griffin stated that her transgender friends are confused by how Chappelle could make jokes they consider discriminatory, even though he is an “oppressed minority”.

    “They're telling me, ‘How can this guy possibly be a black man whose heart beats for George Floyd, as it should, but when it comes down to us, he doesn’t even understand it. He just keeps on making jokes.’”

    Chappelle has refused to apologize for his jokes in stand-up shows and to LGBTQ activists. Chappelle makes multiple jokes about transgenderism in his Netflix comedy special The Closer. One is about transgender female genitalia.

    He also stated his belief in gender is based on biology, which angered the left.

    Netflix signed Chappelle for four comedy specials, despite widespread media criticism.

    Griffin also supported Joe Rogan during the podcast. Joe Rogan's podcast is hugely popular and has been subject to censorship campaigns by mainstream media. Rogan's coverage of the coronavirus vaccine was also discussed.

    She said that he “100% has the right [to do] his show wherever he likes” as he was exercising his freedom of speech.

    Griffin famously photographed herself in 2017 holding a mocked severed skull of President Donald Trump. This stunt led to Griffin's firing from CNN's New Years Eve broadcast, and a subsequent career spiral.

    Griffin stated, “I tried to kill myself and ended up in a psych ward.”


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