Keith Olbermann Rants Against Musk on His Dog-Charity Account Following the Suspension of His Own Account on Twitter


    Keith Olbermann, a left-wing bomb-thrower who was also a former ESPN sports commentator, took to Twitter with a spittle-specked video on Friday, in response to being barred by Twitter's chief, Elon Musk.

    Olbermann, who's spent the last several years delivering profane attacks on anyone with whom he is not in agreement, is one of the “journalists” suspended for using their accounts to dox the location of Elon Musk's family. Olbermann didn't accept the suspension particularly well.

    After his account was shut down, the regularly dismissed Olbermann was a disgrace to his dog-charity Twitter account by launching a broadside at “Elon Muskleone.”

    Unshaven, with hair a mess, and sporting an NHL jersey, Olbermann sank into another of his raucous, screeching monologues, this time in which he compared Musk to the mob bosses from the film The Godfather.

    “What a friggin' candy-ass, lying, hypocritical, self-contradicting, little, paranoid snowflake that ‘Apartheid Clyde' really is,” Olbermann exclaimed, reading from a pre-written statement.

    Of course, Olbermann is famous for his calls on Twitter to block anyone that he doesn't like.

    Musk announced his decision last week, when an assemblage of left-wing “reporters” began relaying information that showed where he, as well as his family, was at any given time. This is a method called “doxing.”

    “Criticizing me all day long is totally fine, but doxxing my real-time location and endangering my family is not,” he wrote on Thursday.

    Six of the offending journalists were suspended on Thursday night.


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