Kinzinger References Eric Holder as Model of Independence


    Holder, who referred to himself as President Obama's “wingman,” presided over Operation Fast and Furious, the bungled scheme that attempted to ship weapons to Mexican cartels and track their movements with a goal of securing firearm sales. The guns were later used in numerous crimes, including the killing of U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. Holder was unwilling to participate in an investigation by a congressional committee Operation Fast and Furious, which led the House to declare him in disdain.

    The Department of Justice, which is currently in the process of prosecuting two ex- Trump advisers for refusing to cooperate with the 6 January Committee, has declined to prosecute Holder. This is why Kinzinger along with other Republicans have signed the “no confidence” motion in the year 2011.

    The motion read in the following section:

    In the event of Attorney General Holder's inability to effectively control, monitor, or implement Operation Fast and Furious, it is probable that Mexican citizens were wounded or killed from weapons purchased through the scheme.

    The destruction that resulted from Operation Fast and Furious is not just limited to Mexico;

    The evidence also suggests that these guns are employed within the United States, and may be involved in the passing of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry;

    In response to Congressional questions, the Administration through Attorney General Holder's Office, initially supplied false details to Congress;

    In the wake of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms whistleblowers that came to Congress and urged Congress to investigate, the Administration through the attorney general Holder's Office targeted whistleblowers who came to Congress; and

    As a response to Congressional questions and inquiries, the Administration through the Attorney General Holder's Office, has obliterated crucial information and has been intransigent, obstructionist, and unreliable. 

    Resolution: It is the perception from lawmakers in the House of Representatives that Congress has lost faith with the attorney general of the United States.

    The following day, Kinzinger cited Holder as an example of political freedom, showing a video of Holder in the confirmation process in 2009. He told Congress that he'd rather resign than affect the political integrity that is the Department of Justice.

    “I'll be an individual attorney general,” Holder was shown saying. “I am the public's lawyer. However, if there was a matter I considered to be that important to affect my ability to function as Attorney General in the manner I've described as the attorney for the people I would not hesitate to quit.”

    The clip also featured former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who famously was seen with the former president Bill Clinton on the tarmac at an airport in Arizona during the time Hillary Clinton was under investigation for mishandling confidential emails.

    After the footage of Holder as well as other former attorneys general was played, Kinzinger said, without irony: “Everyone in that video from Eric Holder to Jeff Sessions was a member of the department's officials. It's a source of pride at Justice to follow the law without the President's personal political agenda influencing its decisions and dictating how it utilizes its power.”

    Kinzinger was elected during 2010's Tea Party wave of 2010 as a conservative ally but he shifted toward the left, becoming a critic for Trump. Kinzinger was a staunch opponent of Donald Trump and a darling of the media. Kinzinger is retiring following the fact that Democrats have pushed Kinzinger out of his district.


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