Kinzinger Says Threats to January 6th Committee Prove People are Depraved


    Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), during Wednesday's CNN broadcast of “The Situation Room,” said that the threats to kill him and other lawmakers have received over the period of the January 6 hearings highlight the “depravity of what's existing out there.”

    Anchor Wolf Blitzer said, “I am aware that over the weekend, you have revealed that you were the victim of an extremely disturbing death threat directed at your family and at you. Are these threats continuing? Are you one of the members who are now receiving an identity security report?”

    Kinzinger told reporters, “So I'll tell you that the threats are never-ending. They've increased. In fact, I heard an email this morning that threatened to execute me. It seems to be the standard thing these days. Let's threaten to execute. That's why I have released this letter. It was addressed directly to my house and straight at my spouse. It went on to threaten the execution not only of me, but also of my 5-month-old daughter. It was vital to make public to highlight the inhumanity of the current situation.”

    He said, “I mean, look at them all, they're receiving these threats. I'm talking about, especially Liz and myself, as we're regarded as RINOs within the Republican Party because we want the truth. What it reveals is when you create negative emotions, or introduce light into an area that is dark and cockroaches start to get angry and disperse. Then we're bringing the truth. We're challenging the lies that are circulating throughout the minds of many which aren't going to make people happy.”


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