Krzyzewski Calls Desire to Own Weapons Disgusting


    Krzyzewski stated that Golden State Warriors' Steve Kerr was “right on” for making comments on gun control.

    News said that Kerr advocated for more gun control following the May 24, 2022 Uvalde, Texas, school shooting.

    “When are we going to do something!” said Kerr. “I'm exhausted, I'm exhausted of standing here and offering condolences to the families who have lost everything that is out there, and I'm tired of the silence. Enough!”

    He specifically referred to background checks, stating, “There are 50 senators currently refusing to support HR8 which is a background checks law that the House adopted a few years in the past. It's been in limbo for two years, and there was a reason for why they couldn't be a part of the vote.”

    Kerr did not make mention that the Uvalde shooter purchased his weapon at a retail store, which implies that a background check was necessary for the purchase.

    Krzyzewski claimed that Kerr is entitled to express his opinion.

    A few minutes later, in an ESPNU Radio interview, Krzyzewski made reference to both the House and Senate by saying that “Their first and foremost responsibility is to serve the people.”

    He continued to discuss the subject of Congress and said “The people who suffer require your help. So, why wouldn't you help them? You're not being honest. What do you think? What exactly is going on? It's true that we're not paying attention to our citizens. We can also go to the gun range. For instance, do you really have to use automatic weapons? You must be kidding me. You must be lying to me. It's disgusting.”


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