Labor Secretary Walsh Blames Pandemic for Polls Showing That the Majority of Americans View the Economic Picture as Poor and Biden’s Policies as Ineffective


    In the Thursday edition of “CNN Newsroom,” Labor Secretary Marty Walsh responded to poll figures that show the majority of Americans believe that President Joe Biden's policies are making the economic situation worse. While more than three-quarters of Americans believe that the economic outlook is poor, Walsh argued that the primary reason for these sentiments could be “the fact that we're still living within a pandemic.”

    Host Victor Blackwell asked, “The latest polling, though, shows that the American people believe that what this administration is doing is not helping… And this just came out in the last 24 hours, how have Biden's policies affected U.S. economic conditions?… 55 percent said that they've worsened conditions [and] 26 percent said they have no effect. Only 19 percent believed that they've improved conditions… [Of] the current economic conditions, 23 percent believed that they're good across this country. That's the lowest number in a CNN poll of the Biden Administration. More than three-quarters, 77 percent, say they're poor. I mean, the president came out and sold an improving economic picture for the country. What's the disconnect here?”

    Walsh replied, “Well, first and foremost, I mean, I think that we can't lose sight of the fact that we're still living within a pandemic. I think that that certainly has a lot to do–a lot of emotion and feelings people have, number one. Number two, President Biden's been in office since January of 2021, many of his policies, whether it's the American Rescue Plan that he passed right away, that actually hit the streets right away, the infrastructure law, that's going to–people are going to be seeing the benefits of that, and the work that we're doing at Commerce and Labor and Education, across the board, we're still working on getting these policies and these ideas out to the American people. So, people aren't going to see it instantaneously happening. But we have to pay very close attention to what the American people are saying… We know that there are challenges. You mentioned at the top of this before you brought me on, talking about higher gas prices, higher prices, inflation, those are things that we're working on every single day to bring those costs down.”


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