Las Vegas Democrat Accused of Murdering Reporter Smiled Throughout Court Appearance


    The Democrat Clark County administrator, Robert Telles, who was accused of killing a Las Vegas Journal-Review investigative reporter, was seen smiling throughout his court appearance on Tuesday morning.

    The 45-year-old Democrat was seen standing in the entrance to the Las Vegas courtroom and smiling throughout his trial, KSNV reported. The next court date is scheduled for the 20th of September.

    Telles had white bandages around his arms that were the result of the suicide attempt he allegedly made when he slashed his wrists prior to being arrested, according to the Daily Mail.

    It was also suspected that he was taking drugs before he was caught. 

    The Democrat official was indicted last week for the death of Jeff German, 69, who was found dead in his house from multiple stabbing wounds on the 3rd of September.

    “Police said in a press conference that Telles’s DNA was found at German’s murder scene and thus charged him with the fatal stabbing. Police also said they found a pair of bloody sneakers and a hat worn by Telles at the time of the murder,” Breitbart News reported last week.

    German was investigating and exposing corruption where Telles worked in the office of the public administrator.

    Telles lost the recent election to the Senate after German's investigation was made known. The journalist was working on an article on the 45-year-old and other Clark County officials as a follow-up to the original article.

    A portion of the investigation on Telles and the other Clark County officials included hostile work environments and an inappropriate relationship with a coworker, as reported by the Review-Journal.

    Telles replied to the probes by declaring German was a “bully” on Twitter.

    It is believed that the Clark County administrator is still receiving pay checks even though he's in jail as he hasn't officially quit his post. The current salary is $130,000 a year.

    German was a journalist who had been covering corruption and criminality in Las Vegas for over 40 years and was widely regarded as an one of the Review Journal's most revered reporters.


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