Lee Zeldin May Declare Emergency to Fix Crime if Elected


    “One of the items … I would be consulting with counsel on is the option of declaring an emergency on crime where the cashless bail law can be suspended — but that is not plan A,” Zeldin said in the Washington Post this week, stating that he would prefer to see legislators in Albany take the steps to repeal the law.

    Zeldin stated, “The problem with an executive order is that once the next governor is elected they will be able to get rid of the executive order. I think the law must be changed.”

    As the Washington Post pointed out, Zeldin has been taking the city's infamous crime campaign as the main focus for his political campaign.

    Although the bail reforms only came into effect on the previous date, The City Journal published in its report that “bail reform was followed by a significant increase in criminal reoffending,” in the wake of recent removal of data from the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS).

    In actuality, during one of Zeldin's campaign events, the Republican was confronted by an individual who was carrying weapons. Videos show Zeldin blocking the first blow and the man was defeated. The person was allowed back into the community the following day.

    It is worth noting that the Long Island Republican also noted in his interview that he'd enjoy a productive work relationship with Eric Adams, New York's Democrat mayor who has been known as an advocate for bail reform in announcing that they were both members of the state Senate together.

    “I consider him to be an important partner in the effort to change the cashless bail system within New York. He's not receiving the backing he needs to in saving the town,” Zeldin said. “We were in the same State Senate for over four years. We kept in contact afterward … our interactions throughout the years have had a positive tone.”

    Although Adams has supported Zeldin's Democrat opponent, he said, “I believe the story that will be written in 2023 is about how Governor Zeldin is working with Mayor Adams to save the city.”


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