Leftists Call Ohio Law to Arm Teachers Crazy


    A Vanity Fair essay published on Tuesday — written by political correspondent, Bess Levin, and titled “Ohio Enacts Batshit Crazy Law Arming Teachers in the Classroom” started with a scathing attack on Republicans for not doing enough to stop mass shootings, while remaining “gung ho” in offering “ridiculous ‘solutions' that fail to address the actual issue.”

    “Lately it's also included lots of discussion about creating schools with just one entrance and the need for more God as well as demonizing marijuana as well as ‘addressing the culture of fatherlessness' and designing schools with ‘man traps' and ‘trip wires' ,” Levin said in the article.

    “One of the GOP's longtime favorites, though, is arming teachers–who apparently don't have enough to do–and hoping they'll foil any would-be mass murderers,” she explained. “And on Monday, Ohio moved to make that conservative fantasy a reality.”

    Levin was speaking of Governor Mike DeWine's (R) signing of legislation on Monday that allows teachers and staff at schools to carry weapons to protect their classrooms.

    The new law doesn't make it mandatory for school teachers to be armed, and schools that don't wish to arm teachers and staff can continue to restrict teachers from carrying guns to protect the classroom.

    Ohio lawmakers accelerated the law to arm teachers in the wake of the shooting at the Uvalde, Texas, school that occurred last month. In light of the new law, Levin advised “school districts could have armed art, history, and math teachers starting this fall.”

    “Worried about teachers actually knowing how to use such weapons, or the possibility of things going wrong?” she asked.

    “Fear not: While the Ohio Supreme Court ruled last year that school staff would have to have undergone roughly 728 hours of training or have 20 years of experience to carry a firearm on school grounds, the legislation was reportedly fast-tracked to counter that ruling, so that your kid's homeroom teacher will only need to complete 24 hours of training before bringing a gun into the classroom,” she wrote.

    Levin isn't mentioning that in the current versions of this bill the training program must provide instruction on how to deter an active shooter and how to de-escalate the situation, and also trauma and first-aid treatment.

    It is worth noting that the Ohio governor has clarified that each school district will determine whether to arm teachers and staff members and would be provided with annually-scheduled education.

    Noting that a number of Democratic Ohio mayors and certain Republican lawmakers had been critical of this law “for failing to pass meaningful gun control legislation instead,” Levin ended by blasting the bipartisan bill that was released at the end of the weekend due to the fact that the law “does not raise the minimum age for purchase, expand background checks for all firearm sales, or ban military-style assault weapons.”

    On December 1, Levin declared that Republicans were “pro-death” and “anti-science and anti-rational thought” in an article about vaccine mandates.

    Her latest essay is after the shooting at a Texas elementary school which left 19 children and two adults dead. The incident occurred as House Democrats adopted a legislative package last week that includes six gun-control measures.

    On Sunday, a bipartisan group of senators unveiled the signing of gun control legislation. However, the agreement does not include Biden's “assault weapons” ban nor a changed age limit for purchases of rifles.

    The agreement includes Republican goals too; for example, the expansion of mental health services and school security — and acknowledges Democratic goals by expanding background checks for individuals who are younger than 21 who now will be required to check their records as juveniles prior to purchasing guns.


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