Liz Cheney Has a 60% approval rating… With Democrats


    Following Cheney being beaten in the Wyoming Republican primary by more than forty points, on the following day she revealed that she was contemplating a presidential run in 2024.

    Cheney's only chance for a presidential run lies with Democrat voters since her popularity with Democrats far surpasses her popularity among Republicans, and even independents.

    As per the YouGov poll, Cheney's popularity score among non-independents was just 25 percent. Her rating for favorability with Republicans is just 17 percent.

    Senator. Mitt Romney (R-UT), the establishment-minded and anti-Trump Republican, stated at a rally in Utah this week that Cheney's odds to win nomination Republican nomination are extremely small “in the time of Trump.”

    “I do not think she's really keen to run. She won't become the candidate if she decides to run. It's unlikely that this would be the case,” Romney said.

    Former President Donald Trump has not yet announced his 2024 presidential run.

    President Joe Biden has insisted he is running for president again despite a majority of voters being concerned about his physical and mental health.

    Cheney's popularity with Democrats could hurt the likely Democrat candidate (Biden) and also benefit Republicans during the 2020 presidential election.

    The survey included 1500 adults surveyed between August 13-16, with a margin of three points of error.


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