Madison Cawthorn Says It’s Time for “Dark MAGA”


    If you've heard his name Madison Cawthorn, it's likely because he broke records in the year 2020 by becoming the youngest member ever to be in Congress taking the title previously held by shambolic Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York. It may also be because during his brief time as a federal lawmaker Cawthorn has created quite a famous name, both chasing to the left of the liberals and setting up his Republican Party.

    He has also not been shy about it.

    Naturally, this has led to his being targeted by a large number of people trying to take his attention away, leading to an unexpected defeat at his North Carolina Republican primaries.

    Senator North Carolina, Chuck Edwards, beat him on Tuesday with 29,411 votes compared to Cawthorn's 28,092 votes. Edwards is known to have the backing of North Carolina Republicans, including Senator Thom Tillis. Together, they put together an almost impossible and well-funded fight to Cawthorn.

    Don't think for a moment that we've seen the last of the hot 26-year-old.

    Indeed, the candidate ensured we knew this right after his defeat, he vowed to fight the conservative cause whether in the office or not. As he says, his current goal will be to “expose those who say and promise one thing yet legislate and work towards another, self-promoting, globalist goal.”

    He also said the “time for a softer political system as it was is over. It's time to get it right, and it's an opportunity for MAGA to truly assume the helm.”

    If you are beginning to think Dark MAGA is some alt-right group looking to control the country and Cawthorn has issued an order of war, relax.

    Dark MAGA is essentially the name of a phrase that has been utilized by a variety of former presidents and Donald Trump supporters over the past few years, suggesting that the work Trump did for us was admirable and moving towards a positive direction. However, don't assume it's an invitation to Trump to return to his place in the Oval Office, although there is definitely a bit of that.

    It also hints at the notion that the right-wing or the Republican Party can no longer just sit back and play the business with ease, according to Cawthorn.

    Trump was adamant in his rhetoric and actions, confident in his words and bold in his actions. It was this aggression that led to the accomplishment of his goals. It certainly created some enemies. But it also did an amount of good to the American people, our economy, and our foreign policy.

    The movement is also a reference to not having to be a Republican or conservative, but as Cawthorn said in his speech, that it is about putting America first even if that involves a stance against your own party.

    In this regard, Cawthorn has now vowed to take whatever action is needed to take on his “enemy,” whether that is the left-wing or simply a petty evil that is taking hold in America. If it means pursuing some of his own party members, then so be it.

    According to him, in order for conservatives to prevail, we must first “defeat the cowardly and weak members of our own party.”

    Furthermore, it's not as if the members of the same party took him out of his seat in the legislature.

    Unfortunately, his youth was a hindrance when it came down to it. Leftists did not waste time making sure that the infractions of his youth were widely known. It was things such as getting a couple speeding tickets, transporting him to the airport, and even having some groovy photos and videos of him released.

    These aren't things that the majority of people in Congress did not do, but because the Congressman is only a few years old there's no long-term record of other wise choices to draw attention to or even years and years after these incidents. They are enough to make him a victim at least for the moment.

    It could be that getting Cawthorn out of Congress could have been the goal.

    According to this quote, it appears that he's in the market to get blood. I am confident that he'll get it and that it is not the last time we'll see him.


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