Man Ambushed by Gang Carrying a Metal Bar While Trying to Enter His NYC Apartment


    A man was reportedly hit by a metal bar in a robbery that occurred at approximately 5:45 P.M. on April 14 in an apartment complex close to Valentine Avenue and East Burnside Avenue in the Bronx's Fordham neighborhood, the NYPD Crime Stoppers posted on Twitter.

    Crime Stoppers released surveillance footage from the scene; the beginning of it appears to show a person wearing a construction vest watching as the man tries to open the door of his apartment. After he opens the door, the suspect wearing the vest charges the victim, slamming him with what the police have claimed was a metal bar, the New York Post reported. Another suspect is seen running down the steps and entering the unit before another individual swoops down through the hall and enters the apartment also, as the video seems to show.

    The team duct-taped and zip-tied the man as well as a 60-year-old woman to gain access to the residence, WNBC noted. “The suspects stole a safe, money, a purse, and a backpack from the apartment while displaying firearms, per authorities,” WPIX stated. A suspect struck the 64-year-old man using a gun, according to the Washington Post. The ambulance took the victim, who suffered bruises and lacerations on his face and head, for treatment at St. Barnabas Hospital, according to WNBC.

    Police say that several suspects fled the scene in a red Dodge, while one fled on foot towards the intersection of East 180th Street and Valentine Avenue, WPIX reported.

    Neighbors claimed the group posed as construction workers, and it seemed as if they were waiting outside for someone to return home, as per WNBC. Police aren't sure if the victims knew their attackers, and authorities “were looking into whether the group may be part of a larger ring, police said, and they are not sure if they knew the victims,” the report stated.


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