Man Arrested With Molotov Cocktails in the Area of the U.S. Capitol Building


    The individual was detained at around 3:30 p.m. on Massachusetts Avenue to the west of North Capitol Street, the USCP announced in an update on Twitter. The location of the arrest is believed to be a few blocks to the north or northwest of the Capitol, according to the description provided by the agency of the region.

    “There is no indication this was related to the Capitol, Members of Congress, or any protests,” the USCP added. The tweet shared a photo of the tweet, which shows what appears to be a damaged bottle of liquor with the remnants of a rag hanging out of the bottle's opening.

    More details are not available for now, however more details will be revealed in a press release later this evening, as per the agency.


    In an announcement, the U.S. Capitol Police stated Washington, DC man Bernard L. McCutcheon, 26, was detained and charged with possession of a Molotov cocktail as well as an assault charge using an explosive weapon as well as 2 counts of assault against the police officer. The USPC stated that around 3:00 p.m. police were alerted to the incident at Massachusetts Avenue near North Capitol Street in which McCutcheon was believed to have two Molotov cocktails in his possession.

    He was allegedly seen throwing one at police officers when they arrived at the scene. It's not clear if the fire was actually ignited. The officers stopped the suspect who fled and then saw him drop the second Molotov cocktail, police reported. The authorities later discovered the presence of “a petroleum-based accelerant” that was contained in the bottle that dropped to the ground, as per the announcement.

    The suspect was eventually captured and a bag containing two bottles of liquid were recovered from the area, police declared, although it's not known what kind of fluid was inside the bottles. The USCP reiterated the fact that “[t]here is no indication the man” was seeking to attack any member or a member of Congress and/or in the Capitol in general, as well as that he was not involved or participating in protests.

    “Both members of our police received treatment for minor wounds. Fortunately, they will be fine,” said acting Assistant Chief of Police for Uniformed Operations Sean Gallagher. “We appreciate their quick action that, without a doubt, kept the community safer.”


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