Man Who Attacked Pelosi Lived in Commune


    The neighbors of DePape said that the man slept between a deteriorated camper van and a bus which was parked near Gypsy Taub's house in Berkeley. According to his neighbors, Margarita and Julio Gonzalez, they lived inside the home with Taub and his family, before leaving and boarding the buses that were parked outside.

    DePape has 2 children. Taub was engaged to the pro-nudist activist prior to when she was married to a different person. DePape was the best-man at the wedding of Taub's naked bride which led to her being arrested for nakedness in public.

    According to DePape's neighbor Ryan La Coste, “there was a huge fight” at the Taub-DePape property one day following Taub's wedding.

    La Coste said he “wasn't surprised at all” when he learned about the allegations against DePape. DePape is accused of breaking into Pelosi's home and assaulting Paul Pelosi.

    “I wasn't surprised because another crazy story is coming from someone in that house,” La Coste stated. “They are always in a toxic state and are always doing something. They're always on the news and are trying to become ‘activists.’ They are always looking to be the center of attention.”

    A closer inspection of Taub's home and the buses that DePape is believed to have slept on revealed a love for left-leaning causes that is in stark contrast to the attempts to connect the attacker with “MAGA extremists.”

    As Breitbart News reported:

    “For instance, the American flag that has the colors of the rainbow and marijuana leaf can be seen at the home.  If you look closer, the handwritten “Black Lives Matter” sign is visible in one of the windows of the house.”

    A different sign that is posted in an unrelated window reads “Berkeley Stands United Against Hate,” which is the Berkeley-based group that strives at “stop the hate and implicit biases that are a dangerous threat to the safety and civility of our neighborhoods, towns and cities.”

    A closer inspection of the vehicle parked in the driveway further confirms an allegiance to left-leaning causes. One of the stickers on the van reads “Ain't no sunshine until capitalisms gone.”

    Another sticker featured a sarcastic dictionary entry for the term “liberal,” which defined it as “One who is generous; one who favors greater freedom in political or religious matters; one free from prejudice or narrow thinking.”

    The sticker suggested that the antonyms for “liberal” could be “stingy, mean, bigoted or conservative.”

    The van also carried an advertisement for the “natural addiction treatment” hanging over it. The advertisement, according to reports, promotes using the psychoactive drug Ibogaine which is what the DePape family brought into America from Mexico. 

    Another neighbor has told journalists that members of the DePape family are “very radical activists.”

    “They appear to be very left. They're mostly focused on”the Black Lives Matter movement, Gay pride. But they're a long way from the reality of things,” said one neighbor who identified herself as Trish. “They are calling the police on a number of neighbors including us, and claiming that we're planning to take them down. It's really odd to realize that they're willing to become so aggressive towards another person who is also left-leaning.”


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