Marc Elias Glottis Claims Republicans Were ‘Destroyed’ in Midterm Election Court Cases


    Marc Elias, the Democrat lawyer who played a major part in the “Russia collusion” hoax, and who advocated for voting by mail in the 2020 election, gushed Monday about how Republicans are being “destroyed” in court cases regarding the midterm elections. 

    Elias is most well-known for challenging results in races that are close to ensure Democrats are able to win even when Republicans seem to prevail. He advocated for voting by mail in 2020 and is involved in a variety of lawsuits that seek to relax the voting process today.

    Through Twitter, Elias declared that there were numerous court decisions that were handed down the day prior to Election Day that defeated Republican attempts to ensure integrity of elections, like audits by hand on early voter ballots or restrictions on the deadlines for receiving ballots following Election Day.

    A number of these lawsuits are listed in the Democracy Docket account, including an ongoing suit against Pennsylvania's ban regarding the count of undated and incorrectly-dated absentee and mail-in ballots.

    It's not known how these instances can impact the final results; however, in races with close margins, minor adjustments to the timing rules or deadlines for counting could have a major impact.

    Elias, who was sanctioned last year by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, arranged for the Fusion GPS opposition research firm to prepare the fraudulent “Steele dossier” that falsely claimed Russia had information on former presidential candidate Donald Trump.


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