Mass Stabbing at Irish Migrant Hotel Leaves Four Hospitalized


    Four males are believed to have been admitted to hospital following the mass stabbing incident at a hotel that hosts migrants in Ireland.

    The governing party is a highly globalist coalition of political parties that European Union member-state has pursued an aggressive policy of opening frontiers since the massive invasion of Ukraine in the beginning of this year, with a total of 65,000 refugee and asylum seekers from Ukraine and beyond settling in the country in the last year.

    This massive influx of people into the country of just five million has put an immense pressure on resources. The government is finding it difficult to accommodate new arrivals, and is often using hotels as contract facilities and even utilizing old offices to house the new arrivals.

    The Irish Times reported that police were called at the Hotel Killarney around 8:15 p.m. at Sunday night local time. The hotel is currently used as a temporary accommodation for migrants.

    Two men aged between 30 and 40 are believed to have been detained for the incident. A criminal investigation is scheduled to be conducted at the site on Monday.

    The sudden arrival of tens or thousands of migrants, most of them who do not have a legitimate claim of being Ukrainians and are residing in Ireland, has caused a lot of social unrest over the past 12 months, with many residents of the country questioning the government's willingness to accommodate foreigners in a period that many of the people struggle to afford housing for themselves.

    The issue has also been raised about who gets the right to remain within the nation by the authorities of the state and a video went across the country this week showing an immigrant stating “The” Irish are going to “have to” adjust to the demands of new Muslim newcomers.

    In the clip, a migrant who says he is from Afghanistan complains in the sense that he and fellow Muslims aren't allowed to cook their own meals or even have their own Muslim chef when they are in refugee accommodation.

    Then he went on to inform Irish Freedom Party leader Hermann Kelly that asylum seekers do not want to compromise their faith to be accepted by locals.

    Although he said that the migrants were open to the local attire and languages, the migrant also stated that “religion cannot be adapted” to the Irish lifestyle.

    “You have to deal with that,” the migrant then told Kelly.

    According to Breitbart Europe, Kelly claimed that the recent influx of migrants has placed Ireland on the same path as other European nations and that the mass movement will eventually lead to more incidents of violence on the island.

    “Far from Irish exceptionalism on immigration, Ireland is currently on track to mirror other European states where more unvetted immigration means more theft, violence, and sexual assault,” He said.

    “This multiple stabbing incident at a former hotel in Killarney, handed by the government over to the sole use of migrants, should increase public awareness regarding immigration into Ireland,” Kelly continued. “It's not only leading to more violence but it's putting a huge strain on our tourism sector, our housing market as well as access to healthcare and other public services.”

    “It's fast approaching the point that many people will be saying “Enough is enough! We need to stop the uncontrolled and unvetted immigration that is taking place in Ireland'. The safety and security of the Irish people should be our primary concern,” he went on to add. “We cannot and will not house the world.”


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