Matt Damon Mocked for Starring in Crypto Commercial as Market Crashes


    The commercial, titled “Fortune Favors the Brave,” first aired in October and touted the innovative possibilities of digital currency. Shot by Christopher Nolan's regular cinematographer Wally Pfister, the ad features Damon waxing poetic about the explorers and adventurers of centuries past, implicitly comparing them to today's cryptocurrency innovators.

    In recent weeks, a massive sell-off has pushed the crypto market into bear territory, erasing hundreds of billions of dollars in value for investors.

    The plunge has provoked online mockery at Damon's commercial. The Intercept journalist Jon Schwarz noted that if you had bought $1000 of a Bitcoin fund when Damon's crypto ad premiered, you would now have just $476.

    Others pilloried Damon for shilling for by invoking some of his past movies. The YouTube stars known as The Gregory Brothers included a clip showing Damon's villainous character from Interstellar.

    The Onion also joined the Damon pile-on.

    Matt Damon wasn't the only celebrity to shill for NBA stars LeBron James and Joel Embiid have both appeared in commercials for the digital trading company.


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