McCarthy: House GOP Agenda Will Include Probe of Media and Tech on Hunter Biden’s Laptop


    Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the House Minority Leader (R.CA), stated on Thursday's Mark Levin Show that when House Republicans set out their 2022 election agenda, one question they will be asking is if tech companies or media outlets (poorly) covered the Hunter Biden laptop story “just for an election.” He also stated that confirmation of the laptop's authenticity raises questions about Biden’s business dealings.

    McCarthy stated, “We're all gathering, in another week or two…and we have been working for the last year to work together and lay out our agenda for telling the American people what it is we are for. We will discuss how to secure the border, the parents' bill, how to stop inflation, how to make America stronger again, and how to [make] our streets safer and more secure. Why did Afghanistan become so dangerous? Now, The New York Times, Twitter and others have finally admitted that the laptop belonged to Hunter Biden. Did they do this in order to influence an election?”

    He continued, “Now they admit that [the] laptops are true. Is what's on that laptop…true? Is he being truthful about what he said about the money, what he was looking at and where the money went?” 

    All of this definitely raises new questions.


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