McCarthy Says Day One Agenda Is to Repeal 87000 IRS Agents


    Friday, in an appearance on on FNC's “Jesse Watters Primetime,” House Republican Chairman Kevin McCarthy teased Congress' soon-to-be-enacted actions for 2023.

    According to the Republican, after he is elected Speaker, the first priority of the House will be repealing the 87,000 IRS agents clause approved by Congress earlier in the year.

    “Great question. The first thing we must do is to elect our Speaker. It's not possible to move forward until we choose the Speaker,” he said. “And If you're watching the proceedings, you'll find that it appears that White House is actually pushing back against our investigations declaring that we won't offer anything until you solve this issue. Therefore, we must take steps to get on with this.”

    “Then, on the very first day, the first thing we're going to do is repeal the 87,000 IRS agents,” McCarthy continued. “Another reason the Democrats are furious with me is that I believe the government should be there to assist you, not pursue you. If they do, then we'll protect our borders. We must protect this border and that's why there are millions who come over, and the use of fentanyl which is taking our young ones' lives. We must work to improve our economy. This means becoming energy-independent. We have to ensure that this government is accountable. What is the source of COVID? Find out what the Biden family was doing throughout the process. Be sure that you know that the FBI isn't pursuing Americans instead of pursuing criminals. There's a lot to do and we have to begin the process on the very first day.”


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