McCarthy Warns GOP From Playing Games in Speaker Elections


    House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said Monday on Newsmax TV's “Spicer & Co.” that If Republican House members “play games,” the Democrats might end up choosing the new House speaker.

    Anchor Sean Spicer said, “We've seen a few of these people who say they're not going to choose you for the position. When we ask them to list what they'd like, they will give us a few rules, concessions they would like. We then ask should you be granted these concessions, would you be voting for McCarthy “Well we're not certain.” So, then which candidate do you want to be your choice to be? “We don't know.” It's true there's no way to say that one of those individuals who suggested Jim Jordan, he supports you, Marjorie Taylor Greene is backing you, Donald Trump is supporting you. You've raised, what, $500 million? Certain of these people you've actually helped fund their race. I'm not envious of your job. They're not offering you a goal. I get your point. There is no other option. Everyone has voted in your favor. Conference has made their voice heard. And, as James Comer at the top of the video said “You know, you've been given the chance. Your role was quarterback, and the coach who guided them to victory and ultimately won.”


    He said, “So the question is in reference to the words Lindsay said. You've got five people with whom have laid out all of your cards to. What do you think you can tell them that's going to make them change at this moment to give you your 218?”

    McCarthy declared, “Well, we have to listen, but you need to be listening to everyone at the conference since five people from any party can derail anything if you're in the majority. If you look back at the previous time, in the days when Paul Ryan ran, he was able to get more people to vote against him at the conference, afterward, they voted in his favor on the floor. We've got another five weeks. We're working on the conference rules on Monday. We'd like to make sure everyone has input; however, we must communicate as a unit. It is only possible to be successful when we cooperate, or we'll fall apart as individuals. It's very risky and we're the only hope against the current Biden administration. If we don't get this right, Democrats could take over the majority. If we are playing with the members on the floor, Democrats might end up choosing who will be the speaker.

    He continued, “So I think at the end of the day, more calm heads are going to prevail. We'll collaborate to find the most effective way for the future. And I'm convinced that in the final analysis, as I've been in charge and we've only gained seats. We've not lost seats. We've won seats every time, while the majority of all Democrats are losing. Therefore, I believe that if we win the election, we'll figure out the right way and create an American people proud of what we've managed to achieve and transform the economy since we'll be focusing on the people and instead of politics.”


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