Mehmet Oz Helps Woman Who Falls During Rally


    Within 30 seconds after the woman collapsed, Oz reportedly rushed from behind stage and jumped over a barrier and the crowd, offering the woman help. Oz carried out an “preliminary assessment” of the woman who had collapsed as per Oz the campaign's spokesperson Brittany Yanick. Oz was in the crowd with the woman until medical personnel were able to put the woman on a stretcher, then moved her out of the arena.

    The crowd cheered Oz following his swift sprint into action.

    Alongside Oz, Pennsylvania State Senate candidate Matt McCullough, a nurse, as well as the state Rep. Frank Farry, the fire chief, assisted the victim.

    Oz confirmed that the woman's health was improving later at the rally, as per ABC's Will McDuffie. “Rita, god bless her, is doing well,” Oz assured his followers.

    Oz isn't a stranger to making use of his medical knowledge to aid those in need. As of 2015, Oz, similar to the previous year, jumped over a railing and helped the woman until help arrived at one of his events.

    Oz's team also claimed that the incident on Saturday is the third time that the Republican Senate Candidate has assisted those suffering from medical emergencies in the past, The Delaware Valley Journal noted.


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