Meloni Says Left Afraid of Right Wing Election Victories


    Meloni made her remarks last week, during a protest at her hometown of Piazza del Popolo in Rome and said: “Italy is better than the left-wing governments it's experienced in recent years. Leftists proclaim that everybody is scared, however the only people who are scared are the left because they've realized that their power system is coming to an end.”

    “We are all set, right up to the last election, to restore freedom and pride to the nation. The marketplaces, Europe, TikTok singers, actors, influencers, and other TikTok users are concerned about a victory for the center-right. We don't care about what they have to say. We don't care about what Italians consider,” Meloni continued, in remarks made public by the daily Il Giornale.

    “We are frightening. Who is that? We only scare those who are afraid of losing power, but it's not for the Italians. We have proved that we're not foolish as people in the mainstream believed that we would be. Thank you for proving that in our region of Italy the politics of love is not a war, it's not a smear campaign against opponents, but composed of concrete ideas,” she said.

    Meloni said she would enact significant reforms to the Italian president in the event that her coalition wins on Sunday. The changes could allow for the Italian President to be elected directly by the Italian populace, instead of being chosen from the Italian parliament. However, Meloni must have the approval of a two-thirds majority in order to implement the constitutional amendment.

    League (Lega) Leader Matteo Salvini also attended the Rome rally and delivered a speech.

    “They place their souls at tranquility in Brussels, Paris, or Berlin. You vote, Italians vote. We'd like to run effectively and in a team in five years.” the president said.

    “Today I'm 49 years old and I am trying to prevent ships from arriving illegally into Italy in violation of the authority given by the Italians. I am facing 15 years of prison. However, I have done this with conviction. And, gentlemen. I'm eager to repeat this again.” Salvini added, speaking of his time as the interior minister during a coalition government that failed between both his political party and leftist Five Star Movement (M5S) and later replaced by the left-of-center and later technocrats in a government who largely eliminated his border control.

    Salvini is facing an ongoing trial regarding allegations of kidnapping when he refused a NGO that told him to allow a taxi migrant to leave Italy during his time as the interior minister in the year 2019.

    Immigration has become a significant theme of the campaign for Salvini's political party as illegal immigration has been on the rise this year, reaching more than 66,000. Salvini has suggested to become a part of the interior ministry where he had success in reducing illegal immigration as well as drownings in the Mediterranean Sea, assuming Meloni's party gets a bigger proportion of the vote than and she is elected the Prime Minister.


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