Miami-Dade County shows More Registered Republicans than Democrats within Hispanic Voters


    Miami-Dade is a traditional blue county located in the Sunshine State, home to numerous Hispanic voters with roots in the communist regimes they fled.

    In the 2020 election, the Miami-Dade area went in the opposite direction, casting consistently blue votes. Miami-Dade residents cast 617,864 votes for the then-candidate Biden and 532,833 for the then-President Donald Trump.

    But, Florida in general has witnessed an important shift over the last couple of years. Democrats have long enjoyed huge voter advantages in Florida's Sunshine State. It was that way until 2021, following nearly 2 years of restrictions and mandates throughout the country. Florida quickly was transformed into “America's liberty outpost” because the DeSantis administration as well as the Republican legislature battled against the government's overreach and emphasized individual freedom over anxiety.

    Today the registered Republican residents in Florida surpass Democrats by more than 200,000.

    However, that's not the situation in Miami-Dade where voters who are registered Democrat voter count is higher than Republicans by 146,975 in total, but GOP Hispanic voters outnumber Democrat Hispanic voters within the county.

    The data last updated August 1st shows that 25,395 Hispanic people in Miami-Dade have registered Democrats while there are 323,133 registered Republicans, which means +70,738 for Republicans.

    “Miami-Dade Hispanic voters are rejecting socialism and embracing freedom,” the Florida GOP declared. “Let's Keep Florida Free!”

    The primary elections in Florida took place on Wednesday, August 23.


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