Michael Moore Claims Dems Will Maintain Majorities in Midterms, it is Condescending to Think Women Forgot About Roe


    On Thursday, Filmmaker and leftist activist Michael Moore said on MSNBC's “The Beat” that Democrats are likely to hold control of Congress in the midterm elections due to the Supreme Court overturning of Roe v. Wade.

    More stated, “They’re not going to win next Tuesday. I know it seems like I take a minority position on this because the media is full of a lot of how the Republicans are surging and the Republicans are doing so well, and so this race we’re going to lose.”

    He added, “Actually, we’re not going to lose. There’s more of us than there are them, and to believe that we’re going to lose on Tuesday, they’re going to take over Tuesday, you have to believe certain assumptions. You have to believe what the pollsters have been telling us since the Roe decision, women were very upset back in June when the decision came down, but now they’ve kind of collected themselves, and they’re not so upset because they’re thinking more about the price of a gallon of gas or a can of Campbell’s soup is up 27 cents.”

    “You know how women are once they hear that soup has gone up 27 cents a can or the gas,” he continued. “What’s gas this week now? It’s about 22 20 cents over last year at this time per gallon. Right away, women are like. I don’t need these reproductive rights. I want to spend less at the gas pump. I mean, it’s so condescending. So I just wonder, as I watch the news and listen to the pundits and pollsters, do they know any women? Is there someone at home that’s a woman? Have they talked to anybody really since June? Do people watching this right now, when I say people, I’m talking about men watching this right now, do you really think that women are just over it? Over Roe?”


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