Michael Steele on Nationalizing Elections, Ending Filibuster: ‘This Is Not Rocket Science — It’s Common Sense’


    Former Republican Party chairman Michael Steele on Tuesday called for nationalizing elections and ending the filibuster in the Senate.

    Steele argued that states are stripping away access to the ballot box and “putting hurdles” in front of voters. He added that removing the Senate filibuster and putting the federal government in charge of election laws makes “common sense.”

    “[T]he filibuster is used as a wedge, a political insiders' game, tool, to sort of not have to deal with the big policy,” Steele said on MSNBC's “Morning Joe.” “Rank and file Americans out there are just like, ‘Can you just get it done? You know, our vote, we're watching states strip away our access to the ballot box, putting hurdles in front of us. Can you at least address it? We're not asking for the federal government to control voting. We're asking, could you just create a platform in which we can access voting in our own states?' And yet they're falling back on these procedural arguments as if people give a damn. And they don't.”

    “They just want you to do the doggone legislation,” he added. “This is not rocket science — it's common sense.”

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