Migrants Living for Free in NYC Hotels Are Going Wild


    Border crossers who live at no cost in New York City hotel rooms fight with staff, drink all day long, and even have sex in public, an anonymous whistleblower claims.

    According to what Breitbart News has reported over the past few months, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) has transported tens of thousands of border crossers to New York City, the city that is considered a sanctuary since April 2022. Mayor Eric Adams (D) has transformed the move into a huge cash-flow boondoggle for luxury hotels which have been awarded lucrative contracts worth millions of dollars to house hundreds of border crossings.

    One of these hotels includes Row NYC. It has also opened many rooms to travelers from other countries. The hotel's employee, Felipe Rodriguez, told Fox News host Laura Ingraham this week that the latest arrivals are battling hotel staff, drinking all day and having sex in public, as they are being able to stay in a hotel without paying for food and room.

    “The chaos that we see at the Row today is compounded by migrants being drunk, drinking all day, smoking marijuana, consuming drugs, and domestic violence … people having sex in the stairs, young people, teenagers, they use the fire exit stairs to go in there and do that they do,” Rodriguez added:

    “There are people who try to pretend that the hotel belongs to them and we don't have any rights. The manner in which the rooms are kept is disgusting. They don't wash. They don't fold their clothing … It's just piles and piles of clothes, they're hoarding clothes, hoarding everything they can. It's not a matter of accountability. If you walk into their rooms and make a comment, the hotel's management, particularly the general manager, tells us that we're not permitted to discuss anything with them. They are given carte blanche in the Row.”

    In one case, Rodriguez said a drunk immigrant got in a fight with a security guard in the hotel which prompted staff to call police. they discovered that border crossers were taking drugs inside the hotel:

    “There was an altercation in the lobby. I was there that evening. One of the people who were involved was drunk, and struck an officer from the security department on the head. Security at the hotel was able to take him down. The NYPD were on the scene and as they got into the hotel, there were two teens in the staircase of the foyer … as well when they were watching the police dropping the marijuana on the staircase.”

    Rodriguez said that the property is now also a refuge for viruses and illnesses.

    “Fortunately for those who are migrant workers they were able to convince their government from the United States to hand them carte blanche to conduct whatever they want. They are allowed to enter and exit from the hotel” Rodriguez said. He continued:


    “There are people who are sick in the area who spread all kinds of ailments including chicken pox, COVID-19 … at the moment the ones who have complete power are people who have migrated. Hotel workers are no longer in control. The general manager hasn't got our backs. It seems all he's concerned about is the amount of money the company is making.”

    A few months back, Daniel Barber with the Citywide Council of Presidents of the Housing Authority of New York City Tenant Associations criticized Adams for spending at least 600 million dollars on the migrants, while the city's homeless struggle to pay for subsidized housing projects.

    “The city is going to put forth a ton of money for these people who aren't even citizens, but they forgot about the people who live in public housing right here,” Barber stated to The New York Post at the time. “… They are planning to educate a lot of new immigrants to the country, but the ones already in the country, who have to jump for admission through hoops but aren't allowed into.”


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