Mike Lee Claims Media had Gun Control Bill Before Senators


    Talking to Glenn Beck of BlazeTV, Lee stated that the passage of this bill is “Senate operating at its worst,” noting that it impeded other senators from introducing amendments. The U.S. Senate ultimately voted 64-34 in favor of the bill which was aimed at expanding the scope of background checks for people purchasing firearms that are not yet 21 and to provide financial incentives for states to enforce their own laws on red flags. Thirteen Republican senators joined with Democrats to approve the bill.

    According to Lee, Republicans were basically requested to cast blind votes on the bill, without taking the time to read the bill. Lee said to Beck:

    There was a group composed of 10 Republicans and 10 Democrats who gathered and wrote this behind closed doors. I'm hoping they took the time to read the bill. However, I doubt anybody else has had the chance to. Actually, yesterday afternoon, around noon there were a few media outlets reporting the bill's text. Senators still didn't even have it.

    The text of the bill was delivered to us in the moments prior to when we were scheduled to take a vote. The bill was ultimately approved by an overwhelming majority vote, since the majority of Democrats and 13 Republicans supported the bill. It's awe inspiring to me. This isn't how the Senate is supposed to function.

    Lee was unhappy about how the quick procedure effectively made the words in the law “sacred” like etching it into stone, which allowed for no amendments.

    “It performs at its best when legislators bring forward legislation. They bring forward a bill and senators conduct hearings about the proposal. They talk about the terminology. They discuss the language. They also discuss amending. They decide, ‘Okay. This may be okay in the event that you made these changes,” said Lee.

    “That's what American people are entitled to. They need better from the world's top deliberative body. The members here didn't have that,” he added.

    The bill still needs to be approved by the U.S. House, where Democrats have a slim majority. It will likely encounter fierce opposition from extreme left members such as the squad. The bill could undergo some modifications (right and left) before it is sent to the desk of President Joe Biden.

    The National Rifle Association (NRA) has condemned legislation as an attack against the rights of gun owners.

    “The NRA will support legislation that improves school security, promotes mental health services, and helps reduce violent crime,” it stated on Tuesday.

    “However we will be against this legislation to control guns as it fails on every level. It is unable to tackle violent crime and opens the way to burdens that are unnecessary on the exercising rights of Second Amendment freedom by law-abiding gun owners,” the organization added.


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