Mike Pompeo Feels We are Winning the Culture War


    In his interview, Pompeo stressed the need to win the cultural war.

    “Andrew said #War, and we view it as cultural war, as a war for the heart and soul of what kind of country we're going to be and when you have decisions like this one from the Supreme Court, the Dobbs decision, and then the Second Amendment decision, and there was a religious liberty decision earlier in the week, and there's another religious liberty and immigration ones coming up,” Boyle stated. “When you've got this issue that's playing out this way and you're sure you've had Myra Flores winning her seat in Texas and you've got this exciting new generation of candidates taking the lead. It's that the good guys are beginning to take over this war, don't you think?”

    “Matt I'm relying on you, and I can see it. I traveled across the country over the last two weeks. There were five states. I can feel it, I sense it, we're triumphant,” he responded. “The great guys to the point I joke that “Every now and then, the good guys prevail in one. We were successful in a Second Amendment case, we won an appeal in a prayer case, and won school choice cases all over the country. I've seen us win on schools and county commissions. In my own state of Kansas, we flipped several school boards to ensure that parents knew what their children were learning at the school. These are things that the American citizens understand, they know how it affects the pocketbook of their family, as well as their community, and even their church, and they're in ablaze.”

    “We'll do well in November, but that's not enough,” said the president. “We have to continue to make the case all across this country and be fearless in doing so, and if we do that, and if we never give an inch on the things that really matter, I'm convinced that we will absolutely get America to the place that our founders would recognize this country again and that is absolutely vital that we achieve it.”

    Boyle has previously focused on the crucial possibilities that are ahead of us in the midterm elections, and also the chance for the right to gain majority seats across both House of Representatives and Senate by fielding America-loving conservatives.

    Pompeo stated that he spent a “good chunk” of the past year and half helping candidates on their campaign trail.

    “They are wonderful people. People with character, who have real morality. It will become the American majority that will be elected. I'm sure of this,” he told Boyle. “These are people of deep faith, deep courage, and they are fearless much like I was and President Trump was.”

    “We've been told to remain on the job. What is the time frame? We've got four months and a change to this election? People begin voting in just twelve weeks or ten weeks in the midst of some such elections throughout the nation,” he went on. “We have to ensure that every vote counts and that everyone who wishes to vote, ensure that they are given an election ballot. They are counted once and then we can have a fair and open election. “

    “Protecting the unborn is an important issue, but we've also watched them destroy the economy, we've watched them make lives hard for ordinary Americans all across the nation,” he went on to add. “I am convinced that the vast majority of Americans can see this, they understand the incompetence of the Biden Administration, the indecency of what they're doing.”

    “We must ensure that we are able to take over the House as well as the Senate and also win a number of governorships across America. I'm convinced that we can because people are excited by the things they see; however, the work starts when we look to the primaries which are almost over and we start to concentrate and ensure we get rid of the left-wing progressives who are fighting for votes across America,” Pompeo said.

    The former Congressman and Secretary of State advised listeners to look up the website for his group CAVPAC which “is lifting to victory candidates who stand up to the radical Left's agenda.”

    “You can go there to see the candidates we're endorsing,” Pompeo said to News Sunday listeners. “They are fantastic people, the next generation of conservative leaders.”


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