MSNBC’s Contributor Johnson Claims Republicans Are “Flogging” Jackson with Insane QAnon Conspiracy Theories


    On Wednesday’s Deadline, MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson accused Republican senators putting questions to Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson of “flogging” her with “crazy QAnon” conspiracy theories.

    Host Alicia Menendez said, “Republican Judiciary Committee member Mike Lee said this on Fox today, ‘We deserve to get some answers regarding her pattern of low sentencing in this hearing. This doesn't mean we're attacking her character. I don't think you could point to a single time when Republicans have used the politics of personal destruction on a Supreme Court nominee.' Your reaction?”

    Johnson declared, “It is a lie. It is all a lie. They're all lying. And, look, this is probably the first time in my life that I quoted or paraphrased Clarence Thomas, but thirty years ago, we all remember Clarence Thomas said this is a high-tech lynching of [the]…uppity black man. This is not a lynching, but it is certainly a flogging. It is a flogging because the Republicans know they can't stop Judge Brown Jackson from getting in. She's going to end up on the Supreme Court. So the only thing they could do now is publicly flog this intelligent, capable, qualified black woman to the best of their ability with every single crazy QAnon conspiracy they can come up with. They are going to use her to express their bigotry about trans-rights. They are going to use her to express their crazy QAnon conspiracies and anti-Muslim sentiments. The reason this is so problematic is because it won't change anybody's votes. She's going to get on regardless.”


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