MSNBC’s “Ex-Republican” Nicolle Wallace Laments the Shame of Only Senator Romney Cheering for Judge Jackson’s Confirmation to SCOTUS


    MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace announced during “Deadline” that “there was so much shame” in only Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) cheering on Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson's confirmation vote to the U.S. Supreme Court.

    Wallace declared, “For me, with my baggage as an ex-Republican, there's so much shame, and she's so qualified. I mean, this is someone who has impeccable qualifications, the temperament, everything that people in both parties used to talk about. And for me, the searing image was the lone Mitt Romney applauding her while the rest of them raced out to get to their MAGA zooms or wherever the hell they were going. But to me, to only see one Republican–I mean, elections have consequences; people in both parties understand that–but to see only one Republican have the grace–and you voted for her, but the fact that people who didn't vote for her couldn't be part of the moment the country was experiencing gave me that bittersweet feeling.”

    Activist and commentator Rev. Al Sharpton said, “Which shows the divide in the country. As great as it is today, for black women, for women, and for black people, we all couldn't celebrate that together. They didn't even have enough humanity to say this is historic.”


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