MSNBC’s Reid to Jim Jordan: ‘I Doubt God Blesses Anything That You Stand For’


    MSNBC anchor Joy Reid said Tuesday on her show “The ReidOut” that she was doubtful God blessed anything Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) stood for.

    Reid said, “COVID cases are rising at an alarming rate as we head into the fall. The number of new infections this Labor Day was nearly four times of that one year ago, and the number of deaths due to COVID is nearly double. That's thanks to the highly contagious Delta variant as well as the roughly 75 million Americans who are eligible for the vaccine but refuse to take it. The Washington Post reports in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi and Texas, more than 90% of the ICU beds in hospitals are in use. Then there's also the Mu variant that's now been detected in 48 states according to Newsweek, completely overshadowing the previous greek alphabet variant, Lambda. A large portion of the country is acting like nothing is going on. That's certainly apparent in college football as we saw maskless fans packed into stadiums like this one at the University of Wisconsin in Madison this weekend.”

    Reid added, “Those scenes were celebrated on Twitter by Republican Congressman Jim Jordan who declared that, quote, ‘Real America is done with COVID. God bless!' First of all, I doubt God bless is anything that you stand for, assistant coach Jim. COVID, it's far from done. In fact, officials with the World Health Organization delivered the unwelcome news today that because of the virus continues to mutate among the unvaccinated, it's likely here to stay.”

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